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Thanks to years of practice as export director, I have been facing multiples international sales problematics. Tough customers, difficult market, gap of specialization, or lack of valorisation. 

I have been brought to find creative solutions against the numerous difficulties of international trading in order to "let know the know how" of the estates I have been assisting. 

During my career I had the chance to manage and develop a large spread of brands with various price points. Thanks to the diversity of my career I have developed a strong network of customers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. From distributive products, niche wines, or classified growth and iconic wines from the world, the interest of my customers are always in the heart of my concerns.

If you want to launch a new project, or if you need advises on the enhancement and performance of your existing department, I am here to help you.

Contact me today to set up a meeting and know more.

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