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Your strategic partner

Finance Consultancy


  • Determine the ability of the company to develop its export department (commercial/ financial/ organizational);

  • Diagnose the existing departments problematics (performance/investment/ gaps/ front, middle and back office);

  • Establish the inventory of ressources and undeveloped potentials;

  • Return the diagnostic in a synoptic form.

Dégustation de vin


  • Suggest solutions in accordance to the audit; 


  • Advise on the necessary intern development ( job scope, financial and administrative organisation);

  • Advise on external ressources (human ressources, financial helps);

  • Give the strategy a trajectory by ordering priorities  (countries, trade shows, travels);

  • Inform on market tendency.

Réunion d'affaires en plein air


  • Develop follow up indicators;

  • Assist in setting up processes;

  • Participate in commercial development by providing a list of 2000 active customers worldwide;

  • Manage monthly the sale peoples target ( respect of targets, monitoring of expenses, performance interview); 

  • Follow up the financial subvention files;

  • Maintain and valorize the brands by introducing it to the press  regularly.

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